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In Search of Respect

In Search of Respect
Tamam Tracy Moncur - Fri Sep 23, 2011 @ 07:15AM
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The House of Love Soup Kitchen is a faith based community organization and while looking for articles for a paper I had to write I came across this one that was very helpful to me in my specific situation. The article is entitled "Faith Based Social Services: Saving the Body or Soul? A Research Note". It was a very intriguing article because the researcher was interested in the impact social services mixed with faith has on the client. Clients were interviewed and observed in six different soup kitchens run by churches. The article talked about the accommodative needs of the clients (a delicious meal) served with caring and respect as opposed to the restorative goals of the organizations which is to lead the client to a spiritual conversion which in the end would lead to a change in lifestyle. This was definitely the goal of four of the organizations which required clients to listen to a sermon before they could eat, or a long prayer before the meal, and then inviting them to be baptized after one on one counseling attempting to lead them to Christ. The other two organizations simply had prayer before the meal which is what we do. We do offer bible study which was at the request of some of the clients but this happens an hour before we serve meals. It is definitely not mandatory and yet it is growing. The article stated that clients want choice and respect. We have people attending that will say “Oh I’m a Muslim I don’t eat pork” and we respect that. Next to good food the most important behavior to the clients was the treatment they received at the hands of the volunteers. The article concluded that “in order for restorative goals to be successful a program must meet the immediate needs of the clients and its restorative goals must be compatible with client values” (p.209)

Comments: 3


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