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In Search of the Source

In Search of the Source
Tamam Tracy Moncur - Fri Sep 23, 2011 @ 07:18AM
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 Power infuses the setting. Positive energy drives synergy to connect to the wings of healing. The House of Love Soup Kitchen fed 109 people this past Tuesday. People are suffering from food insecurity.  Some literally have no food or income to purchase food while others are trying to stretch their food budget from week to week or month to month depending on how they get their money. I’m retired and have become a month to month recipient of monies and by the third week of the month…uh-oh. There ‘s mortgage or rent to be paid; if you’re fortunate enough to have a car then car payments, gas, insurance and if you don’t have a car…the cost of public transportation looms on the dawning of each new day.  Oops got to keep the lights on and gas for heat and cooking; let’s not talk about creature comforts such as cable and telephones. To make a long story short…there’s not much left over for food.


I enjoy volunteering at the soup kitchen.  The hour before dinner we have Bible study which in reality has become Bible therapy.  Back in February we took a survey of what other services the clients would like to see offered at the soup kitchen. Bible study was high on the list.  It takes place an hour before dinner is served.


Chattering voices are a backdrop to anticipation of the elevation of the spirit…transparency begins connecting hearts to the Word of God climbing on the back of hope galloping in the wind…flying high riding in search of the Source.





Comments: 11


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