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God is Above That!

God is Above That!
Tamam Tracy Moncur - Sun Oct 09, 2011 @ 08:50PM
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 A beacon light shines through the nebulous conditions of the present inviting all to come.  The House of Love Soup Kitchen, blessed by a host of angels is nurturing, restorative and compassionate. It is open every Tuesday from 6-8pm ready and willing to serve.


Starvation walks in ravenous seeking sustenance for hunger pangs…vexation vibrates sending forth rays in search of solace…financial distress stops by to stretch disappearing dollars with a  free meal…the homeless search out a momentary refuge…addiction stops by for a bite to eat…


Laughter and chatter socialize in anticipation of another Tuesday evening…


free food

free clothes


Clients quietly slip in preparing for voluntary Bible therapy prior to the meal.  Stories of aggravation conquered by calming spirits…the taste of cigarettes dulled to extinction…guns picked up then put down…abusive relationships take a new turn…God’s power received in the midst of incarceration…crack gets smacked down in the rebirth of a new soul…reborn…reborn…reborn to become a child of the King with a new song to sing!


Demons of darkness

God is above that!

Death and heartache

God is above that!


God is above that!

Wall Street greed

God is above that!

Eviction notices

God is above that!


God is above that!


God is above that!

Sickness and pain

God is above that!


God is above that!


God’s praises reverberate off the walls as a line forms in anticipation of empathy and thoughtfulness being served with a good wholesome meal.




Comments: 5


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