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Poverty Rocks Hard

Poverty Rocks Hard
Tamam Tracy Moncur - Sun Jul 31, 2016 @ 11:49AM
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It’s the 4th Tuesday… pantry day. Hot sun shining on empty shopping carts lined up waiting to be filled…people socializing across the street in the shade sharing the news of the day. Lady fighting back tears…anger gripping her…manager of her building harassing her. It’s going to be another scorcher….suppose to get up to 96 degrees. We are in the throes of a heat wave. One out of seven families suffer from food insecurity…the politically correct words to use instead of just plain old hungry…stomach growling…hunger pangs protesting emptiness. Children, adults missing meals because the rent had to be paid…other pressing matters had to be taken care of. Doors open at 1pm …folks start lining up by 10am. We usually service around 100 people from the community. In America, land of the free, there are so many people hungry. How can that be? Babies’ crying…children whimpering…parents in distress…hunger has invaded the family nest creeping into empty cupboards in search of sustenance.

Helping hands unload the truck…willing workers hustle and bustle about unpacking boxes then repacking them with an assortment of items from today’s gift of nourishment. The goal…90 boxes. Numbers passed out…paperwork filled out…an angry voice blurts out, “Why I got to fill out these (expletive) blankety…blank papers? I fought in Iraq for this country for what to die in poverty.”

Listening to conversations sharing time gives me an interesting insight into the philosophy of the streets. Superficially it’s dog eat dog, tit for tat, disrespect me I’ll disrespect you right back. No space or place for politeness…kindness portrays weakness… that’s just the way it is. What’s there to do but live hard in the face of endless denial, laugh hard during the constant struggle to make ends meet, and party hard to make tired bones come back to life.

The day went quickly in spite of the heat. The majority of people are very appreciative. Everything is gone by 4pm and we are exhausted. We were able to give out boxes of food to over 100 clients from the community. Serving the community leaves us with a good feeling...a job well done!

Comments: 3


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