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Pantry Insanity

Pantry Insanity
Tamam Tracy Moncur - Sun Nov 27, 2016 @ 06:21PM
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Pantry insanity…early morning hours filled with hustling and bustling…moving fast going to the food bank...Lord give us the strength we need to succeed… Choices of dairy, produce, bread, canned goods all overflowing from boxes of donations given to feed the hungry of America. Food bank under staffed…funds cut back…moving slow…weighing in…wrapping up goods on pallets…ordering snacks…checking out…almost two hours behind…finally filling the truck with goods to deliver to people waiting patiently in the cold for food to ward off hunger. The crew traveling into a day to be filled with a combination of highs and lows.

Lord give us the strength we need to succeed…People are standing patiently waiting on a cold windy fall day on a promise of turkeys which certainly defines the difference between a want and a need. A need indeed will make a person wait 4 and ½ hours in the cold for a turkey and and other food items…a need indeed will motivate a person to put their families well being above their own creature comforts…a need indeed will compel a person to get on their knees and pray their way through negative circumstances believing that God will make a way…

Lord give us the strength we need to succeed …Organizing the line…unloading the truck…intake table to set up…paperwork to arrange…goods to be bagged up for allocation…volunteers work quickly…arguments quelled…disgruntled feelings appeased…a pallet with eggs and produce left at the food bank…truck goes back to retrieve…pallet given to another organization...keen disappointment…pantry insanity…clients still grateful though in spite of mishap…60 turkeys given out…enough food items all together to service 85 people from the community…day comes to an end even though people are still coming seeking relief from hunger…hoping for something but all is gone...food scarcity is an overwhelming reality in America..


“While hunger has no boundaries, it does impact some communities more than others. African Americans are more likely to suffer from food insecurity as their white, non-Hispanic counterparts. They are disproportionately affected by unemployment and poverty as well.”

Join in the fight against hunger in America!

Comments: 4


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