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A Dark Cloud

A Dark Cloud
Tamam Tracy Moncur - Fri Jan 27, 2017 @ 03:11AM
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Pantry insanity once again...the 4th Tuesday has arrived.  Early morning hustle and bustle at the food bank... gathering produce, milk products, canned goods, meat, bread, and so much more depending on the need... all this is free...free for the food bank partners helping to feed America's hungry. Lifting heavy boxes...stacking products on boats...long lines at the checkout...goods wrapped on pallets to be taken to the docks. Loading the truck...next stop House of Love Soup Kitchen. It's a cold, rainy day yet people are lined up already waiting  to take food home to offset their food scarcity.

The food comes from several different sources.  Some from large chain supermarkets, some from smaller markets, and then there are large donations from both the federal government and the state government. I recently participated in the Women's March and I know there were many concerns that were part of the platform; one of them being how nonprofit organizations and the people they serve were going to fare under the Trump administration. A few days into his administration and the decimation has begun...repeal the affordable care act...slash medicare and medicaid budgets...cut back funding to sanctuary cities...executive order to halt immigration from Muslim countries except the one's he does business with...revise the food stamp program...in other words a massive dismantling of projects that service the disadvantaged. Whose neighborhoods will this directly affect?

One out of seven Americans face hunger and 17% of households with children are food insecure...30% of households headed by single women...22% of black households...19% Hispanic households...9% of seniors all of whom face hunger on a daily basis. The people who go to food pantries are suppose to show ID that indicates that they are first of all residents of the state in order to receive state donations;  then for the  federal food donations they have to be on various assistant programs like medicaid or the food stamp program. How will our clients be affected with all the tearing down of assistance programs? Large numbers of people are not only  subjected to food scarcity but now have a large dark cloud of helplessness and hopelessness shrouding their futures?

The House of Love soup Kitchen is a faith based organization. The Bible instructs us to take care of the needy...feed the hungry...clothe the naked, visit the sick, see about those who are in prison...set the oppressed free. Who are the oppressed? Those weighed down by desperate financial conditions, the hungry, the homeless, the mentally ill, the sick...all those shackled and burdened by adverse conditions and circumstances. God has given us direct instructions to help people; to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Does the Trump administration hear GOD's voice?  Are they in tune to serving the needs of all Americans regardless of ethnicity and economic status? Or will the seed of greed and power devour them and us? It's prayer time...praying that America will one day truly become "One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all."

Comments: 16


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