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Holiday Sadness

Holiday Sadness
Tamam Tracy Moncur - Sun Oct 15, 2017 @ 09:06AM
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The holidays are drawing near and so many of us are in anticipation of the wonderful time we will have with family and friends. Yet so many others will be entering the season with hunger as their companion; fear hovering in the atmosphere in search of shelter from the winter winds; peace of mind eludes many a stressed-out soul. Where is that turkey with all the trimmings? Where are the candied yams hot from the oven  steaming? Where are the pies cooling in the window with the continual flow of family and friends in and out of the kitchen?

Demons flying in on the wings of Halloween circulate in the sky plotting and planning the death of empathy. Evil spirits slash away at the budget sending citizens reeling into the depths of despair; Fiends cutting SNAP (Food stamps) gleefully derive a sinister pleasure from this ignorant act that will result in many women, children, the disabled, and seniors who will suffer; villains initiating massive tax cuts loom on the horizon of doom, fingers of greed ready to snatch money away from those in need, and then add to their already colossal riches

In the United States 48.8 million Americans are food insecure which means in trying to make ends meet they often do not have enough money left over for good wholesome food. Thirteen million children are hungry. One out of thirty children are homeless which translates into there being about 2.2 million children homeless in America. Thanksgiving and Christmas are special days out of the year where the spirit of giving is stirred up in the heart of the community yet unfortunately hunger, homelessness, and hardship are constants in the lives of those millions of Americans living at or below the poverty line. 

Halloween decorations…pumpkins displaying snaggle-tooth smiles sit between friendly scarecrows watching spiderweb formations trick-or-treating in and out of hunger pangs. Devastation sinks deep into despair stimulating waves of sorrow…no food tomorrow. Baby crying…children whining, “Mommy we hungry!” Multiple trips to the refrigerator divulge the same empty shelves. Lord help me…what can I do? My children need food!

Halloween slides into November…the month of feasting. Turkey talk gobbles up the airways squawking about the sales of the season while a mother’s grief goes unanswered. One callous swipe of the executive pen and the affordable part of health care has been snatched from millions of Americans. There is a direct correlation between eating well, health, and education.  Hungry children are at high risk for health issues and poor academic achievement as well as behavioral problems.

The twins Empathy and Sympathy feed the hungry making scrumptious dinners for those in the community during the months of November and December.Their cousins, Peace and Joy, sing of an everlasting love while distributing toys to little girls and little boys; Kindness passes out coats, hats, scarves, and gloves to ward off the cold. Compassion feels good about giving back to those in need.

The New Year then tolls the bell of fate and rings in hunger, homelessness, and poverty ever ready to continue their reign of terror.

Comments: 7


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