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The Darkest of Hours

The Darkest of Hours
Tamam Tracy Moncur - Sun Nov 12, 2017 @ 03:55PM
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billionaires now in power

the darkest of hours has arrived

money now rules...fools on the warpath

yet the Bible says

“For the love of money is the root of all evil…"


the seed of war now planted

into future partnerships with haters…dictators

racism and bigotry

exploding over the country

dropping bomb shards that kill

empathy and reason in the season of hate

to late for justice for all…

hypocritical right winged

Christianity spreads a disease of the mind

with such ease…hypocrisy

continues to promote unjust acts

don't tax the rich

silence the voice of a woman's right to choice

set limitations on the immigration of Muslims

self righteousness rules

the moral right is so confused...

cultivating darkness

embroiling America in

a spiritual contradiction of a religion

devoid of the love of Jesus…

who they profess to believe in

no justice for the oppressed

no justice for the poor

no justice for the downtrodden…

only death, the grave, and hell.

now real justice it seems

has once again become only a dream

of social democracy in the land of the free

wouldn't it have been glorious to see

universal health care

affordable housing everywhere

education for all citizens

sustainable care for the elderly…

living out their lives in peace

the school to prison pipeline eradicated at last

massive incarceration a phenomenon of the past...

O' what a wonderful country this could be…

if taxation of the rich was a reality

helping to pay for social programs

that could assist in the elimination of poverty

and then this nation would truly be

“One nation…under God

with liberty and justice for all.”

Comments: 6


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