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Pantry Day...a Success in the Lord

Pantry Day...a Success in the Lord
Tamam Tracy Moncur - Thu Nov 23, 2017 @ 06:41AM
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Tuesday was pre-Thanksgiving pantry day. Millions of  people will be seeking a miracle…just to have enough food to cook to feed the family. Government subsidies to the food-bank are being cut back…asking God to make a way that will enable us to help the community in these most difficult of times. Trips to the food-bank resource agency…filling out shopping lists never knowing what you will or won’t get. Produce, beverages, snacks, and some meat are the blessing for the effort.

Letters of solicitation to private foundations for turkeys…hear our cry O’ Lord! Prayer and preparation…more prayer and preparation. Promise of turkeys given…promise jeopardized. Despair…doesn’t anybody care? Men, women children…people are hungry in this country year around...God is in the midst working…a door re-opens. Rein-statement of commitment given…seventy turkeys will be delivered Tuesday...hallelujah!

Economically difficult times strangle the hope out of people who have been living on the edge of existence for generations. A lady bent over from the weight of poverty goes from car to car in the streets begging for money while congress is in pursuit of a future that insures the sanctity of the rich.

Over 150 people came to the pantry seeking sustenance. Food-bank truck delivers five pallets of goods to be set up for distribution outside. Church truck delivers 70 turkeys. Our U-Haul truck picks up over 4000 pounds of food items to be unpacked and distributed from inside the church building. Volunteers busy unloading trucks, organizing boxes, filling out necessary paperwork. Clients start registering as early as 8:30 am.

Not only are many people in our community suffering from food insecurity, there are people all over the world who also are hungry. The travesty in America though is that there are many stores and restaurants that will throw away food rather than give it to their employees, the food-banks, or other non- profits that would give it to those in need. Many entities in this country take the word “profit” into the ultimate realm of cruelty. Angels sweeping through the galaxies take note of man’s inhumanity to man….3% of the population in America control the wealth while 14.5% of the population lives below the poverty line…48.8 million Americans are hungry and of this number 13 million are children…there are about 7 million people unemployed and there are 2.3 million people in prison, the world’s largest incarceration rate.

Demonic forces have battled from the inception of this country against the concept of “justice for all” and once again have become empowered through religious hypocrisy, hatred, and the “love of money” yet the force of good will prevail against this current onslaught of evil.

Comments: 1


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I used to think of Thanksgiving as of a holiday of plenty. Plenty of people at the table, plenty talks and of course food. We do give out a cake, "for the sake of poor" but I never actually saw who were the people eating our cake...

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