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Rich in Faith

Rich in Faith
Tamam Tracy Moncur - Wed Sep 05, 2018 @ 09:46AM
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Troublesome, turbulent, tumultuous times permeate the core of existence…hearts heavy with sorrows stretching into tomorrow…embrace the twinkling messages of hope in the night sky stretched across the horizon always in search of God’s peace.

It’s the last Tuesday in August…August 28th to be exact. The temperature quickly rises to 95 degrees. The air is heavy with moisture. It’s our mini-pantry day. This is when the Hillside Foodbank delivers four pallets of goods to us. We hold the mini-pantry in the church yard at the side. We know some of the pallets will be produce but we never know what the others will be. We’ve gotten meat, beverages, ice cream, and much more on some occasions. This time we mainly get produce and water. Cucumbers and celery galore, along with sweet potatoes, bags of salad and many cases of cold water. What a blessing! Sweat pours down the faces of volunteers as goods are organized and given out. Many people don’t realize the intensity of the work that goes into doing a pantry. Not only do the boxes have to be unpacked and goods given out the work area must be cleaned up. Boxes must be broken down and bagged up for garbage day, tables and chairs taken back inside, and the yard swept up. While we’re giving out the rest of the products the cleanup process begins.

On mini-pantry day we also do the Community Dinner. Today we’re giving out bookbags at the community dinner. Parents are reminded to bring their children. Many of us are seniors yet God continually gives us the strength to push ourselves in this intense heat. “He giveth power to the faint and to those that have no might He increaseth strength.” We at the House of Love Soup Kitchen stand on the promises of God. We are a faith-based organization.

School is getting ready to start and it is imperative that the students start the year right with supplies they need for school. Not only Newark but community groups and churches in the townships around us having been giving out bookbags. Today is our turn. Because of the generosity of the aide to our West Ward Councilman here in Newark and the AT&T pioneers we have 72 bookbags plus supplies to give out this evening.

Newark is ecstatic about being in control of its school system once again. The state of New Jersey has been in control for 22 years and in all honesty have not done much better than the Board of Education of yesteryears. How do I know? I retired from the Newark Public School System in 2010. A big to do was made about the money given to Newark by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. The bulk of the money went to administrative costs and charter schools and not to the public schools. There are about 26 charter schools in Newark now. Out of the 26 schools four are above average, 2 are average, and the rest below average or not rated. This includes both the high school and elementary level. They are just like the public schools…some are outstanding, some are good, and the others are obliged to look at innovative new ways to reach the students.

Our “Celebration of Education” was a wonderful event. All the bookbags were given out. Two of our deacon volunteers prayed with small groups of children and their parents for a successful and safe new school year. One of our teachers talked to parents about their responsibility to their children and to the schools they would be attending. In addition to bookbags and supplies children received coloring books some in Spanish and some in English. A delicious spaghetti meal, salad, with garlic bread was served along with cake, cookies and ice-cold beverages. What a glorious affair!

God’s people rich in faith and expectation blessed with God’s favor sing and shout in the revelation of new beginnings.

Comments: 10

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