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Community Visions


A survey was given to the clients to see what types of programs they would like to see developed at the House of Love Soup Kitchen.   

The top three program requests were for Job Readiness Workshops, a community garden, and a health fair. Tied for position four and five was a bible study and counseling. 

The shared vision of the planning committee is that we move to the next level and begin working with the clients to bring to fruition some of the programs that were part of the vision survey. 




“The fundamental hypothesis that people are happier, more cooperative and more likely to make positive changes in behavior when authorities do things with them, rather than to them or for them expands the restorative paradigm far beyond its origins in restorative justice” (Wachtel &  McCold 2004, p.7 ). In other words the concept of restorative practices can be used in many settings including community organizations.