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Thank You for Your Support

NJ Food Bank

31 Evans Terminal

Hillside, NJ o7205


 	House of Love Soup Kitchen/Pantry is now partners with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.



Church of God and Saints of Christ

589-95 Central Ave.

Newark, NJ 07107

Pastor: Evangelist-at-Large Issac W. Artis Jr.

Pantry 1.JPG

Seton Hall Food Recovery

Seton Hall college

South Orange, NJ

Seton Hall Revovery Program/Andrew and Devine


Fellowship Baptist Church

745 Chancellor Ave

Irvington, NJ

Associate Minister Frank Phelps

Job Well Done


Leo Records

P.O. Box 574-C

Rahway, N.J. 07065


Vulcan Pioneers

Black professionsl firefighters of Newark, NJ


Colosseum Gym


Verizon Pioneers


Western Beef

Newark, NJ


Darrell James


Cherie Collier Ivey