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Why Volunteer?


Responses to survey:   Reasons Why People Volunteer

To Give Back    

1) As we mature and progress in life, it is essential that we reach out and give back to people who may have fallen on rough times.  We should all have a desire to give back and contribute to our immediate community as well as surrounding areas according to how much we have to give. We were not born where we are today, neither did we reach this point alone. Somewhere along the way, someone helped us out and lent a helping hand when you could not help yourself. So as a Christian and as a concerned citizen, I love coming down to the House of Love Soup Kitchen to volunteer my time, energy, skills, and whatever else possible.


2) I want to give back to the community by helping out. Volunteering at the church keeps me from being in the streets doing bad things. Volunteering makes a positive difference and makes me feel good about myself.

3) At this time I volunteer my services because God has blessed me and I feel it’s my responsibility to give back. When I was younger my mother was a social activist that worked to bring about change and I was very influenced by her.

4) Helping my community was one of the things I always wanted to do. I like to give back to the people that are not as fortunate as me.


5) I know where I came from and know where I’m going, and its better to give than to receive.

6) It brings balance to my ego and my thinking when I am able to give back. It keeps me in a continued state of awareness with regards to the importance of having family, love, and support.

7) My main reason I like to volunteer is to give back. It’s uplifting to help the less fortunate and it brings about upliftment to the people we are helping.  Also its encouraging to hear the struggle and triumphs as it is advice and guidance for the future.


Spiritual Reasons

8) It is written if you have two coats give one to someone who needs it. I have plenty and I love to give and feel that my life means something as well. It is my obligation to help those who can not help themselves. In addition I have learned that what goes around comes around. When I bless someone God will bless me so many times more-I have been down several times in my life but right before the ship sinks a miracle happens and I’m saved.  I want to be a miracle in someone else’s life.


9) I am serving God through serving humanity which is a biblical command that must be fulfilled to receive from God, and is a demonstration of God’s love to humanity. I am impacting positively on people’s lives through giving and I am fulfilling my God given purpose bringing about change by meeting some of the needs of the community which gives me a sense of peace and accomplishment.


10) I do this for my spiritual growth. Reaching out to others makes me more aware of God. Giving back is for my personal growth. I enjoy meeting and greeting people and making a difference to someone else. My family is involved in community service, I now have the time, and it gives me a sense of achievement.

11) I have found that there is a great benefit to showing and sharing love for our neighbors who are in need.

12) God is love. This is one way to show love. God has no respect of person-showing all people, black, white, rich, poor, sick, whatever kindness…being able to give a smile. God gave me these gifts-a positive attitude, a smiling face, a heart of love-all the above to make someone else feel good about their self.

13) I want to help people and help churches build their ministry. The ministry is a start in reaching lost sheep and will ultimately help build the Almighty Kingdom of God.

To Have Fun/Socialize/Meet People

14) I think having fun and socializing is a main reason people volunteer.  Meeting people is something many people are attracted to. Because of this more people volunteer.


To Make a Positive Difference

15) I think doing something positive in the community is a great thing. It also makes you humble.

16) I feel that not only am I giving back to the community but most importantly that I am helping and making a difference in peoples’ lives. I feel that the soup kitchen is about much more than the food. When people come here they also receive a strong word of prayer, and genuine love and support.  Although a lot of these people may not go to a church this soup kitchen serves as a place of renewed strength and warm love in a world in which they may be overlooked and feel worthless on a daily basis.  I feel that we make a bigger difference in these peoples’ lives than we realize and that’s what drives me to cone on a weekly basis.


17) I want to make a positive difference in somebody’s life because they have all been through a lot.


Bring About Social Change

18) I just know what it feels like not to have a meal. I want to bring about change.


19) I was invited to the House of Love Soup Kitchen to serve people food. After dinner I felt something was missing and it was dessert (smile). I now cook cakes twice a month to bring even more joy to the atmosphere.


20) It is a good thing to volunteer. I want to help people who are having a hard time.